Pervasive Digital Eco System

This was a group project which involved designing a product which “acts as a gateway between your user and the digital world”.


We as a group started to brainstorm ideas and came to the final conclusion that children and the elderly find the digital world and technology hardest to use. Therefore a majority vote was done to choose children as our main focus.


We began to build up a persona of our client and set about looking at their everyday lives. This way we can easily identify where the problems occur, meaning we can then begin to start addressing these problems with a solution.

After various meetings and discussing the concepts and ideas we all produced, we chose a few which had the most potential. we then all went away to produce our own interpretations and developments of these chosen ones which created even more ideas. This obviously carried on until we came up with the final design of the product shown in the video at the end.




So to show our product we decided to make this video. We wanted to show the audience the problem situation first to outline what we were wanting to achieve with the product. However, I admit myself that the video failed to actually explain what the product does.

Therefore I’d like to take a minute and explain on here. Firstly, the keyboard lifts up as seen in the video, for things as a pencil case. secondly the keyboard and screen act as a a small version of a laptop/organiser/pa device.

It was designed to be educational, so that teachers can set work onto the pupils devices using their own main device. The kids then remember to do their work, when to do it for etc. It also has the child’s timetable and diary included into the system, which can easily be accessed with a click of the coloured buttons. Thus making sure the child knows exactly where it should be and what it has planned for the day, rather than just being told where to go by adults. Giving the child more responsibility can help to grow the child to be more organised and ready for the next stages in their school lives.

We wanted to make the product fun and interactive to as we thought it was the best way to keep a child’s attentions and interest. Therefore we devised a plan that each owner of an Ordino gets an avatar on their screen. When the child completes a homework, or a task set, they get an award of coins. These coins can be spent on upgrading and editing the avatars which adds a competitiveness to the product which will hopefully encourage the children to do their work.

The children’s parents can also interact with the product using a mobile app on their phone. They can check and track their child using the GPS system included in the device. Thus making sure that the child gets to destinations safely and is where they should be.

Other functions included in the design are mentioned in this ‘Justification Poster’:


We produced these posters below to further explain the functions of the of the product and to show how it would look will look when it has finished manufacture.




Once we had this final design we were able to produce a scale model of the product.




Overall I think we designed a product which solves a few problems we outlined during the initial stages of the product. We certainly began to build “a gateway between your user and the digital world”. However I think we could of improved on the delivery of the product, especially in this video attached. We needed to make sure that anyone who watched the video knew exactly what the product was and what it did, which we didn’t quite achieve. On the other hand I think the posters look great, very simplistic and effective. They appeal to our persona and would hopefully work as an advertisement for the product.

People included in our group:
Callum Tyson
George Riding –
Andrew Kelly –
Alice Ruggles
Simon Wrey –
Harpal Sembi –

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