Mobile Phone Symbiosis

Seeing as though our next project is to look at phones and how a telephone can be used “beyond its original purpose”, I thought I would look at some futuristic mobile phone concepts. Some are obviously only concepts and will never make it to manufacture, however some maybe be closer to the market than you initially think.

The Kambala Ear-Phone




This is a perfect example of a “telephone extension in the form of a symbiotic addition”.

LG Flutter Concept Phone



This is not exactly a symbiotic addition. However, I thought this was a very cool idea and one I would love to see made into reality.

Mobile Script



Now most phones nowadays have all the computing power of a laptop, but lack the advantage of having a large screen; usually being restricted to 3-4 inches. However, this phone hold a script-like pull out which pulls a 9.5 inch screen right form inside to help watch films, browse the internet and do whatever you want on your very own pocket laptop.

Others found on here…

I enjoyed this read, I love looking at futuristic concepts even if I know they are too crazy to ever be made. However, looking at some of these I don’t see why some of them wont ever make it. I watched a video recently about flexible screen ( and from looking at the list above, the concept which seems to be popular is the flexibleness of the phones and how the screen can be bent, transformed and manipulated into all sorts of shapes and forms; going against the typical phone design we have all grown up with and associate with.

So maybe some day we will see some of these designs, probably sooner than you think! I mean, look how mobile phones have transformed in our generation from the old Nokia’s we all had and loved. Now we can take pictures, browse the internet, keep connected with social networks and the rest of the world. Compared to back then where Snake was the dogs bollocks!

So lets hope people like these designers keep pushing the boundaries of mobile phone technology and we might just see some of these cool designs in real life.

~ by callumtyson on November 9, 2012.

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