Mobile Phone Symbiosis

So we had another group project to finish this semester off and it was an interesting one. It was all about focusing on producing an add-on to a mobile phone which can complete a function which a mobile phone cannot usually do.

The brief can be found here:


As previously, we met up as a group and came up with the persona as shown above, and then we produced a storyboard to show the difficulties and problems our persona faces.


Then we all went away to design our own concepts around the problems outlined. These were a couple of my ideas.




We all came together after we produced our designs and presented them to each other. After showing each other our designs it was clear we all had the same ideas and concepts, as some of them were identical to each others. This wasn’t a bad thing however as it showed we were all on the same path and aiming towards the same product.

We then chose 3 main ideas which we liked and could develop and then produced some more ideas as a group this time, rather than individually.


Doing it this way meant that we could take parts we liked from previous designs and combine them to produce a nicer looking, and more functional product. Once we had finalised the product design, we could produce the CAD model. We had a very competent user of the software Solidworks and he was able top produce a really accurate and aesthetically pleasing CAD render as shown.

Once these were produced, it made the rest of the visual ideas easy as it was a simple to just import the renders and design around them. We needed to produce visuals like the 2 below to present to our peers at the end of the project and we needed to make sure they were self explanatory but also simple as well, so we chose minimal writing and a simple one angle picture on each visual.

 Cad Render 1Cad Render 2



We also needed to produce the logo for our app. The brief stated that we needed to produce something that cannot be done using an app. However, we need an app for our product to work and so we designed the app logo which would appear on the phone screen of the user. David Forster produced the logo designs and we all chose which one we preferred. Luckily with no persuasion, we all chose the same one (the bottom right design) and so no convincing was needed.


We also needed to produce some screen shots of what the app would look like. I produced the sketches shown below as David replicated a couple of them on Photoshop. I was very impressed with the Photoshop outcomes, they look professional and I can imagine them on a phone and being a real life app.




I was the one in the group responsible for the model. I decided to produce it from cardboard board I immediately realised the problem of managing to get the curves on the sides of the design. However I was under the impression that the model was just to get the concept across and how it works, and to give a scaled size of the concept which is what I achieved. Although if I was to produce it again i would maybe chose a different material to make it out of, possibly modelling foam or modelling clay so I could represent the product in a more accurate light.

A produce justification was needed for our final presentation. If you are unable to justify your product or design, then there is no reason for the product being made, and it will not be a success. We had a clear reason for our product because we had our persona and problems outlined early on so there was a purpose for the product, and it would not become a dormant design.




This was the advert/poster produced by Dan Terry. He said himself, that he was tempted to use a simple design and background like the visuals previously, however he decided to make it a bit more exciting and I can see where he was coming from, because an advert needs to be eye catching and that is exactly what this poster does. Walking down the street it will definitely catch your eye and you will stop and look at it, and hopefully it will stick in your mind.

The last part of the Project was to produce a video. We chose to do and animation and myself and David sat down to produce a script. Personally I think the video was brilliant, very professional, informative and straight to the point. It sells the product and shows exactly how it works. A lot of credit of that is due to David’s ability and work ethic.

The video can be found on YouTube here: 


Group Members

David Forster –

Bobby Lamb –

Dan Terry –

Jack Cadzow –

Jordan Dapaah –


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