British Sport 2012

I was recently just browsing the SkySports website and this story caught my eye.


This was an exciting read, and was very clear, concise and heart warming. Every sport and achievement mentioned was a massive highlight in the in the year just gone. I remember watching nearly all of them mentioned and got excited for sports which I usually don’t watch or follow.

Being mainly a Football fan I remember clearly the end of the season day. Me and my friends all had the beers ready, had multiple screens on at the same time with skysportsnews and some of the games on at the same time. It was the perfect set up for the moment i will always remember. Every English Premier League fan and follower of football will be very familiar with this image.Aguero

This was the moment the ball connected perfectly with Sergio’s right boot, the moment all Manchester United fan hates to relive. But from a neutral (or a Chelsea fan as I am who wanted to see the title go to someone other than the Red’s) it was the perfect representation of the Premier League, arguably one of the top 3 best league in the world. This moment epitomizes the league which went right to the last second – Literally! The title was heading to Manchester one way or another, but it was still undecided which side. With City trailing 2-1 to QPR with only injury time to go, as he has done on many occasions, Dzeko grabs an important goal to equalise but with United Winning their game, City needed another to bring the title home. Up step Sergio Aguero. I could go on, but the rest is history now, and a memorable moment in my life which I don’t think will ever be repeated with such excitement and drama! To make it even more exciting was having the game plus skysportsnews on and Paul Merson’s reaction just made it even more exciting.


Being a Chelsea fan the other footballing moment this year was the victory in the Champions League against Byern Munich. This was an epic moment for all English football fans I feel, as much as people have a rivalry against us, they wanted the English team to become victorious. I remember the moment so perfectly as Didier walked up to the spot, and slotted in the last penalty, it was unpredicted by many, but like the previous round against Barcelona, we were huge underdogs but came out on top. Our £50 million talisman Fernando came out on top after being gifted a one-on-one and this time rounded Valdez and scored to secure our place in the final. The whole tournament path was remarkable, we were expected to be knocked out at the semi’s, so all credit to Roberto Di Matteo! He will always be a legend to us fans.

Not only was Football a British success. The golfing Ryder Cup victory will undoubtedly goes down ‘in the pantheon of great sporting comebacks.’ Being 10-6 down with the final day and coming back to win 14.5 – 13.5 is something that will be remembered as one of the greatest moments.

As explained in the article as well is all the Olympic achievements. There was so many I am not going to bore you by talking about them, you most likely watched them all live as it’s not really something you could miss!

This article gave me goose bumps to read, it brought back memories from throughout the year. I forget that all this happened in this one calendar year, it feels like this much success should be spread across many years. However it shows how much of a force Britain is in an array of sports, and I am guessing the success by others will encourage the younger generations to get involved and keep all this success going.

We were lucky to witness all the moments and victories this year, some of the feats achieved may not be repeated in such a fashion but at least we are able to hold those memories and can tell people about this year in the future! – unless we have an even more successful year sometime, which would be hard to top this present one.

On another note, we’re still waiting for England to bring home a major trophy in the Football world….Brazil 2014???

~ by callumtyson on December 24, 2012.

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