Not Just Any Birthday Gift

So my brothers 13th birthday was 2 weeks ago now, and I was struggling as what to get him for it. I didn’t get him anything for Christmas cause I was skint, so thought I would spend a bit more than usual on his Birthday present.

He’s a usual teenage boy, plays his Xbox and PS3 religiously. Has everything imaginable at his age, probably too much if you ask me; however that will no doubt be because I’m jealous! I didn’t want to get him ‘another’ game for any of his consoles as he sits in front of them enough already, I used to be that guy so I’m not gonna be all ‘anti-gaming’.

While searching for present ideas, my girlfriend saw the Red Bull Soapbox Race advertised and said I should enter it as it would be good for my course. Upon researching this, i found thousands of people apply to the event and only 50 Soapboxes race and so the chances of this being me would be minimal. So I searched locally and found in actual fact there are loads of events all over the country and in particular, there are many in and around York.

So once I decided which one I liked, I entered me and my little brother into it. I chose the Windmill Hill Soapbox Derby (

ImageI thought this was one of my most creative and innovative Birthday ideas yet. It will be a good laugh, and be something for my brother to concentrate on and enjoy, but also be good for my own design portfolio. It’s not an ordinary thing in England, its more of an American tradition, it will be a whole weekend event with Saturday practice and Time Trials with the race happening on the Sunday, so basically its Formula 1 without the engines, only Gravity to power us along.

I will post videos and photos on here when it comes to building the Soapbox so progress can be seen. If you’re struggling for Birthday ideas, get yourself in on this. Cost £40 to enter the both of us and you can make a really good project out of it in the end. Never know, could start off a life long family tradition or hobby!

ImageThis is the Lotus Type 119c Soapbox which is to be believed to be the fastest Soapbox ever made capable of 200mph (this is with no engine at all bearing in mind) on a 45 degree slope, so it still can be an extreme sport if you want it to be, your decision!

~ by callumtyson on February 20, 2013.

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