Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

So after my 21st birthday back in December I had a large sum of cash which I wanted to spend but was struggling to decide upon what. I was toying with keeping it and saving it for travels and holidays, but that just seemed boring at the time, even though I would have an awesome time when it came to it.  I’m not the type of person to usually want or need anything in particular, however I had decided to spend it on a Tablet computer and bought it the other week.

Now as you can imagine the vast array of tablet pc’s out there is quite daunting but I chose my price range and did some research. Decided it was between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Note or the iPad 4 with Retina Display. After a quick 20 second chat with one person in a Carphone Warehouse I immediately dismissed the Tab 2 because it just wasn’t in the same league as the other two, although its price tag was relatively appealing at £260!

So it was between the later 2 devices.

Samsung note

“Create, work and play – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gives you the power to be more productive wherever you are. Boasting a 1.4GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM – the Note 10.1 has enough muscle to handle anything from photo-editing to multi-screen multitasking. Android 4.0 opens up a whole world of apps and widgets, while Samsung’s unique S Pen stylus gives you more control over them than you ever thought possible on a tablet.” – John Lewis


iPad 4

“iPad features a stunning Retina display, FaceTime HD and iSight cameras, the all-new A6X chip and ultra-fast wireless. And with access to over 275,000 apps on the App Store, you can do more than ever.” – John Lewis


I read various reviews on the internet and how these two devices cannot be compared because they are totally different products, but  as a consumer I chose these two as the top 2 Tablets and so I had to make a comparison myself. I chose to go with the Samsung Note 10.1 as the Tablet choice for me. I weighed up so many pros and cons of both devices because being a student, its a hell of a lot of money to be splashing out so I wanted to get the correct one. Firstly the iPad, yes it has the best processor out in the market and works the fastest in comparison with any other tablet, and it has the best display on the market too with twice as many pixels as the Samsung so for viewing any type of media the iPad wins hands-down.

However, there is the ongoing argument similar to that of Marmite, you either love Apple or you don’t and I’m afraid I am not their biggest fan. Possibly because of its massive market share or the fact that they price everything twice as much (like their laptops) just because it has an Apple logo on it when in fact I reckon you can get the same or even better spec laptops for the same/lower price.

The aspects which swayed my decision was the uniqueness of the Samsung and its capabilities. I must admit though that I only found the majority of them out after buying the Tablet and playing on it for the first weekend. Firstly the free already downloaded Adobe Photoshop Touch (usually £6.99 on iPad) was a nice surprise to see on my screen as I booted it up for the first time. Its a very simple and easy to use app and being a design student at Uni, was a perfect little present from Samsung. Not to mention the built-in stylus with its high responsiveness and accurate pen-tip makes drawing and editing easy and fun. I also downloaded the app Sketchbook Pro which is a must have for designers as drawings and sketches can be quickly created on the go, wherever you are. It’s exactly like using the Bamboo graphics tablet, but directly onto the screen!

The other nice surprise which I didn’t know prior purchase was the fact that the Samsung comes with Polaris Office, inside of which is Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel  Perfect for a student like me who needs to get some work done but can’t use their laptop or left it at home.

Another nice aspect is the external micro SD slot on the top, unlike the iPad the memory on the Samsung can be extended by simply buying any size micro SD and inserting it in, which then can be put into another Laptop or Computer and transfers whatever files you want. You can pick up a 64GB one for £35-40 so it doesn’t even matter what size tablet you buy, it can be made larger so simply.

Without trying to biased, I could go on and on about how good the Samsung Note is but I don’t want to bore you (if I haven’t already)! All I will say is, if you’re a big Apple fan but want something different for a change, get the Samsung Note without hesitation. All my friends will say its “all they see me doing nowadays is playing around on it and I always have it with me wherever I go”, I just wish I didn’t wait so long to decide to buy it!

p.s If you decide to buy one, get it from John Lewis! Best price around, and if the price lowers within 28 days of purchase, take your receipt back in and ask for them to give you the money difference back. I went in yesterday and got £20 back because it went down £20.

~ by callumtyson on February 21, 2013.

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