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So the other day I received my latest edition of the free magazine Develop 3D through the post. From looking at the front page for approximately 3 and a half seconds I instantly knew this would be a good issue. It has so many interesting articles and the majority of them are hugely relevant to the course I am doing at uni.

Firstly the KeyShot 4.0 review. Between our course we have all been introducing each other to this software called KeyShot and it has improved all of our projects. The review is so in depth and it also gives a lot of tips to us amateurs of the program. 

There is also and Ansys 14.5 review, which I recognise using a few months back. I was not the biggest of fans and couldn’t properly understand this software however it was an enjoyable read to see the possibilities and opportunities which was be accessed if I did progress my capabilities  in the software.

The biggest article in this edition in my opinion is the Develop 3D Live. I read it and was immediately excited about the prospect of going to it. I was straight on the phone asking if my course mate wanted to go and within 3 minutes I was registered to go. Its a free exhibit and some of the biggest protagonists in Product Design and Technology will be there giving talks, presentations and demonstrations. The likes of the President and CEO of Autodesk, the founder of Solidworks plus the current vice-President to mention a few. We use their software extensively throughout my uni course and people use them in industry, so I cant think of anything less than an interesting day and event for this!

Got no plans for April 16th?…well get yourself here!

Apply for your free subscription to Develop3D here:

Register to the Develop3D Live 2013 here:

~ by callumtyson on March 2, 2013.

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