Growth As A Designer

Since my education I would see myself as a creative and hands on learner and so I have always thought I had possibly chosen the wrong course in doing Engineering. However, after completing 2 years on the course I would go as far as saying it has benefited me vastly and gave me a different perspective on the design process and project work rather than the plain and simple aesthetics. Although, having said that I do enjoy the creative design side still and so I was looking forward to this module.

Crammed with projects one after another meant we had no time to waste and once one had been completed we were thrown back into the deep end of another topic. This can seem daunting every time we started a new project however I can see how it was beneficial to us as it gave us no time to waste. Doing it four times over was probably the perfect amount as it could have got tedious if we had another couple.

I think I grew so much as a designer in these projects, for instance simple team work and group communication was essential for each project to be completed to a high standard and on time which is what was achieved in each one. I would like to say I am quite good at team work, I can get on with almost anyone and work towards different people’s strengths and weaknesses. I like to learn new things as well and this method of working allowed this for me so I enjoyed it greatly.

I have always said that my computer work such as CAD and Adobe software was not as great as some people. But instead of settling for that I tried to learn from the people in my group who were good at these aspects so they could teach me a thing or two. I thought the deliverables which were presented at the end of each project were professional, and in comparison between the first and last project deliverables, there was a gulf in class and presentation between them.

Overall this module has been very successful and be beneficial to everyone.  It could look daunting but each project brought out the best and enabled us to be creative and imaginative.


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